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Bicycle Accident Dental Injury

Careless Drivers vs. Portland Bicyclists.

This Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney site content is associated with other helpful information contained in this website about Bicycle Dental Injury and Broken teeth resulting from bike accidents.
Please be sure to see the sections about the bike jaw joint (TMJ) injury and jaw and mandible fractures in a bicycle accident as well.

As a Bicycle Accident Lawyer who also accepts dental malpractice claims I have decades of experience cross examining dentists and oral surgeons in front of a jury, and over a quarter of a century of experience evaluating and entering into settlement negotiations on behalf of my injured bicycle accident clients, in cases where they have sustained a serious dental injury.

First of all, teeth are not like we think of them when we see a zombie move or a Halloween skeleton. Teeth are alive. They have a blood supply. They have coverings or layers, an inside, and they can be damaged even if they are not fractured.

Like a delicate plant, if the soil is damaged or eroded, the plant may wilt or suffer; teeth may sustain damage because of injured gums, aside from direct blunt force.

Fractured teeth can affect your overall appearance; change your chewing and eating habits; your sleeping habits; may need to be pulled and thus to require dental procedures such as for example, crowns, bridges and implants.

The cost of dental work? Well, I do not need to tell you. It is usually prohibitive and most of the time even if you are in the minority that does have dental insurance the payment options may be quite limited.

So when a Portland Bicycle Accident Attorney evaluates your bicycle injury lawsuit or claim there should be a clear understanding of the future cost of any care or procedure that you will need to have. Call me now for a Free Legal Consultation or fill out a case evaluation form for a prompt response.

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