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Portland Bike Accidents

Today’s Portland Biking & Bike Accidents are about you as a bicyclist being hit by a car and also about your participation in the infancy of a Societal Movement.
When we bicycle around Portland and its metro area, we are making a pledge of individual expression of freedom, a commitment to our love of the Outdoors; pedaling against the epidemic of fast food & obesity; living Eco-friendly.

We are helping other Cities to recognize how it should, and will, be done.

In Portland, it is said that more than 6% of us will use our bicycle to arrive at our jobs.

Portland has Platinum status as being a top friendly city for bikes according to the League of American Bicyclists survey.

The city of Portland has miles and miles of bike lanes (300 miles). These calculations about Portland are based upon the true boundaries of the City, which has a population of about 600,000, but if you include the immediate and contiguous and adjacent cities and municipalities, the population is actually about 2.2 million. Hopefully this bicycle revolution will continue!

I have heard and noted that different types of bicycle lifestyles and different bicycle riding selections have created “bicycle tribes”. We road bikers, mountain bikers, fat tire, weekend warriors, commuters, shoppers – and so many more – are small communities unto themselves.

Look around, Portlanders! By now your eyes simply pass over the bike racks on top of cars, on the back of car trunks because they are a normal and frequent site.

We have a long way to go in our quest to be more bike-friendly, and to have more Oregonians both pedaling on the road and sharing the road.

Portland bicycle accidents still happen without warning due to the unreasonable lack of attention on the part of car drivers.

Portland Bicycle fatalities are still with us. Tragic and totally preventable serious bicycle accidents and even wrongful death need to capture the attention of our children, parents, and citizens, to be cautious tales and promote safe riding practices.

Sometime the car does not even have to be moving in order to cause a bicycle accident injury; such as opening a car door into our right of way without looking – also known as getting “doored” – or getting hit by an opened car door.

Detroit was once known for its “iron”.

Perhaps Portland will one day be universally known for its Columbus tubing, carbon fiber and Reynolds Aluminum.

My Portland Personal Injury Law Firm offers free legal consultation to you, by calling our toll-free number at (888) 446-1999, or by submitting a case evaluation form for a prompt callback. Learn about your legal bicyclist rights if you have been seriously injured in a bike accident due to the negligence of a driver.

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