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Three Types of Defective Product Claims Handled by a Personal Injury Attorney

Posted on Apr 30, 2013 By Mark Leeds

One reason that you may hire a personal injury lawyer in Portland is for a defective product claim. According to one study, each year, defective products cause almost 35,000 injuries or fatalities. And these are only the reported cases! If you have been injured because of the negligence or incompetence of a manufacturer, you have the right to financial compensation for medical bills, wages lost, and pain and suffering. Mark J. Leeds, personal injury lawyer in Portland, will prove when a manufacturer is at fault, bring them to task, and work to persuade the courts to award you appropriate compensation.

There are three types of defective product claims that are often handled by a personal injury lawyer in Portland. The first is defective manufacturing, in which the factory or person making the product made a mistake that would endanger the user. Defective manufacturing cases would include medicine with harmful substances mixed in or a car without properly installed brakes. The second type of claim is defective design. Defective design claims arise when the entire line or product presents a hazard due to significant flaws in the design. Examples of this would be electronic devices that have a tendency to catch on fire or a line of tires that tends to blow out on the road. The final type of defective product claim is filed when a company does not provide sufficient instructions or warnings. Examples of this type include medicine that does not come with a warning about side effects when mixed with other drugs

No matter what type of claim you are filing, however, personal injury lawyer Mark J. Leeds in Portland will provide smart, experienced, aggressive representation in order to secure the maximum amount of recovery.

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