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Brain and Spine Injury

I am experienced in presenting spinal injury cases before a jury. The most frequent types of spinal injury which many of my clients have include herniated discs, spinal cord injury of the cervical vertebrae (neck) or lumbar vertebrae (lower back). Less frequent spine injuries but equally devastating are thoracic spinal cord and other spinal cord compression injuries, which can include paralysis or paraplegia.

When these serious spinal injuries happen, some of my clients have had surgery for spinal disc implants, and more than one spinal level of laminectomy. Spinal cord stimulators are among the serious spinal injury treatment options, and may include operations or procedures of the spine. Spinal injury pain management has a negative side to it in that an unfortunate percentage of spinal injury accident victims may develop a long term dependency on narcotic medications.

For nerve pain caused by spinal trauma or degenerative conditions, there are also less frequent treatment options including facet joint injections, fluoroscopic-guided needle pain management, radiofrequency coagulation/ (radiofrequency ablation.)

As a Spinal Injury Lawyer who accepts only a few spinal injury cases per year, I am able to give you and your spinal injury case personal attention. All the medical records of my spinal injury clients are reviewed by highly qualified orthopedic surgeons and sometimes by neurosurgeons as well. When a spinal injury case is accepted into my law firm, all available MRI studies and CT scans are obtained and a Board Certified Radiologist is consulted. I believe that good and thorough preparation provides for the best possible spinal injury money compensation result or outcome.

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